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Sex is for Marriage and Nothing Else

The current state of affairs: our culture contends that sexual irresponsibility either merits abortion (because a baby intereferes with one’s pursuits), or it entitles the irresponsible party to the resources of uninvolved persons (because if I can’t pay for this baby, somebody else better [thus yielding a growing number of socialists]).

These two takes are borne out in these quips: “My body, my choice,” and “Christians are only pro-birth, not pro-life.”

The sexual revolution seemed to be a good idea when the youth of America were doing drugs and listening to the vapid mysticism of eastern religions. The promise for freedom and unending pleasure was ripe, coming out of a period of theological liberalism and postmodern skepticism. But a society unhinged from sexual order very quickly is a society drowned in disease, violence, broken homes, and chaos. What churches did not teach in the 60s and 70s, they must teach now—now that we see the fruit a full half century later. Nevertheless, the Scriptures told us so long ago. I hope my children don’t feel compelled to touch the blaze of a burning fire—my word and warning should be enough, just as God’s Word should be enough. But we didn’t believe God’s Word.

Christians have taught for these two thousand years that sex belongs only to men and women and only in the confines of marriage. The most basic reality is that sex produces children, and it stands to all natural reason that children deserve to inherit a home with both a committed mother and committed father. The Scriptures have always said these things. It’s only in recent times that social scientists realize the better footing children have when coming from stable homes.

When the societal rhetoric was along the lines of, “What I do in my bedroom is not your business,” it told a kind of half truth. On one hand, privacy is bound to that which is sacred. And there are some things that should never enter the public square. Sacred things should be private and are none of the public’s business. But on the other hand, when the things we do in private go unhinged from all social order, they lose their sacredness, and it is impossible to keep them contained in private. They must instead be exposed and called out for what they are.

Recently I listened to a Christian podcast that highlighted the goings on of the porn industry. Behind the footage that many watch in the privacy of their own bedrooms are countless sex slaves, many of whom are children. These children have either been abducted or sold by their own parents in foreign countries. One cannot imagine the darkness and grand evil of this enterprise. But societally we carry on with the *stupid* rebuttal that Christians are just “old fashioned fundamentalists who will not move on with the times.”

When the sexual revolution directly spurred 65 million murderous abortions and has been the root of aids, countless STDs, addiction, human trafficking, and many other horrors, are we wrong to herald an age-old message that demands young people marry and have children? With so much evil afoot, can it actually be argued that Christians are silly and outdated? Are we really this blind?

The Word of the living God is a testimony before all. And this testimony is true. And I keep seeing in countless ways why the Word of the Lord must not be trifled with. Every man who rejects it is under a curse.

Therefore, let us hurry to the cross of Jesus, where he became a curse for us. He bore the punishment of our wickedness. And we are all welcomed to take shelter under him.

But if we choose to reject the cross, we are without protection beneath the wrath of a sovereign and all-seeing God. May we choose wisely!

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