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Persecuted: The Forgotten Lot of All God’s Prophets

I remember back in high school. Most kids, not all but most, did whatever they did because it was the cool thing to do. I thought at that time that this was just a stage, and I longed to be out of high school and away from that tendency. But you know, things haven’t really changed. People are still touting whatever political opinion is cool, whatever theological nuance is cool, whatever social issue is cool. And if they don’t agree, for fear they do not speak up. Many preachers are doing the same—being VERY sure to never say or write anything that would discredit them before a progressive society. In fact, I see many who, in code language, rebuke traditional, conservative minded Christians, while being sure never to speak on the difficult teachings of Scripture which would offend our culture. Fear is natural, but we must not be overcome by it.

Now, since coolness is a fleeting pursuit, here are a few statements to which I’ll gladly put Bible verses for those searching. But before I make these statements, if you’re wondering, “Why is he saying these things?” my answer is twofold: First, there was not a single prophet in Scripture who preached a neutered message. Every one of them spoke a message which undermined every sinful social norm. Without exception. Second, believe it or not, my mission is to expand God’s kingdom. This is why I was called to ministry back in 2012. And I, among many good brothers, bring the message of salvation to this world. One thing which has always astounded me about Jesus is, he was always certain to lay out the hard truths first. There were no pretenses or attempts to sugarcoat what he wanted in a disciple. He said, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must first deny himself and take up his cross.”

So here are some Biblical truths, and I will provide Scriptures AND context for any of them should anyone desire it: God hates it when men wear dresses; homosexuality is wrong, as it was when God first said it; feminism stands opposed to many Biblical directives; women should not teach or exercise authority over men in the church; patriarchy is not only the Bible’s call, but it is the natural mode of every culture through all of history; marriage is for one man and one woman FOR LIFE, and remarriage is acceptable only amidst infidelity; men have XY chromosomes; women have XX chromosomes; born men will always be men, no matter the surgery; same principle is true of women; abortion is murder; Jesus is the only path to eternal salvation; the earth is not billions of years old; Jesus said Adam was the first man; Darwin was wrong; no one is righteous, no not one; everyone needs the gospel.

In this tiny blip of time we’re living, these are radical statements, I’m sure. But should our eternity be compromised for the sake of momentary acceptance—for the sake of the here and now which tomorrow will be there and then? Every prophet who ever preached was mostly hated. This is true. Jesus said this. This is because God’s elect have always shared a hard but needed message. Jesus was crucified for what he preached. Jesus’ disciples, most of them, were martyred and hated. If I should die, I do not wish to be remembered as cool. I’m sure this would be the last thing said of me, ha. I wish to be remembered as somebody who spoke truth at all costs. And when we all stand before our Maker, this is the only thing that will matter. I want to be ready for his appearing, and I want for you to be, also.

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