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Blasphemous Judgments and a Damning Divide

Would Jesus have worn a mask? In any situation? In every situation? Would he have been vaccinated were he to walk the earth today? Would you be so bold as to give a definitive answer to any of those questions? Furthermore, would you be so bold as to make a judgment against a fellow Christian on the basis of your presumption? If not on that basis,

then which?

Does the Spirit of Christ compel every man, woman, and child to operate in total uniformity, irrespective of circumstance or conscience? Did the Spirit slam the one weak in conscience for his refusal to eat meats offered in pagan temples? Alternatively, did the Spirit bind abstinence of certain meats on the one whose conscience allowed it? Or did the same Spirit say that each, for clarity of conscience, stood before God blameless, DESPITE where they differed in opinion and application?

Did Jesus always determine to do whatever should cause the least offense? Or did he and his disciples bypass traditions of hand washing prior to a meal? Did he care who this offended? Does

the God of the universe know how germs work? Did Jesus say, “It is what goes into the mouth that defiles a man?” Surely you know, he said the contrary.

Did Michael the archangel not even pronounce a blasphemous judgment against Satan himself, for he knew whose judgment it was? Have you, O one who does not lift a finger to read your Bible, the standing or authority or insight or boldness to cast weighty judgments on those who stand before their God in clear conscience?

Is the kingdom of heaven a matter of vaccines or masks? If so, how so? Is it a matter of eating and drinking? If not, why not? The Scriptures say it isn’t. How come? Surely you know! Or have you determined to render the Christian faith to matters as trivial as those of secular humanists—mere externals? Have you, for ease of a guilty conscience and private impurity, sought to justify yourself before God (and man) for your external works? Do those justify a man? Are we justified by a thing besides the blood of Christ? Having begun by the Spirit, are we now being perfected by the flesh? Are you binding laws on man which God himself has not bound?

By the standard of judgment with which you judge your brother, IT WILL BE MEASURED TO YOU. This means, if you will cast a brother to hell for something in which there is no express word from God, then you will surely be cast into hell for your failure to meet any express command from God. So I say, with all the backing of Scripture, be very careful what judgments you so recklessly lay on fellow children of God.

Vaccinated or not, we will all stand before God. And we will all be crushed without the gift of his mercy. Neither your opinion nor

mine will amount to anything.

The enemy is in the midst of Christ’s church, seeking to divide and conquer. Lay down your self-righteous arms and join hands with your brother. It is before his God that he either stands or falls.

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