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  • Daniel Mayfield

The Glorious Ones Tremble

See in your mind's eye gates of pure gold, rising hundreds of feet, disappearing beyond view. With a blast and heavenly quake, the doors are forced open. The power, invisible, came from within, and the effect, intangible, flooded your being from the inside moving out. Hair stood on end; fear shook your knees; awe seized your whole man. The Day of Eternity has come!

The light is exceedingly bright, far beyond the sun, but it can be gazed upon. The eyes of your glorious body are not pressed by past physical limitations. It isn't Him you are seeing--not yet--it is His glory. Somehow, in some way, His glory is tangible. It is breathed, touched, seen, tasted, smelled, felt--to a degree vastly beyond any experience of the human body in life past.

Exceedingly jubilant in awe-filled wonder, yet terrifyingly sober in the grandest fear, you tremble past the threshold into the eternal realm. Light is everywhere. The light is of a quality and essence such that corners and undersides have no shadow. To the left and right, all around, rising beyond view, are pillars of ornately chiseled marble, all of which support apparently endless platforms, upon which innumerable terrifying hosts look down on you.

Your eyes lock on a creature, ten feet tall, whose legs are like man's, but whose feet are a bull's. Four wings, or six, it can't now be determined, fan many feet in each direction. His gaze is fourfold and terrifying. As you stand, trembling, he gazes first as a man, with the face of a man--perfect in features and immensely intimidating. And you cannot look away, though terror fills you. He turns a quarter and the face of an ox fixes his gaze, analyzing you, never speaking. Again he turns, and his third face is that of an eagle. This was the face that spotted you from afar. He saw you at a great distance, both in time and space. This creature has been here for millennia, far older than the earth. And alas, he turns again, revealing his fourth face--that of a lion. Thus, the creature possesses the soul of man, but his features license him to far greater power; that of an eagle, seeing far beyond the span of time and geography limited to mere mortal; that of an ox, willing to stand for all eternity in one place, never ceasing to proclaim the same phrase; that of a lion, awful and terrifying, willing to destroy anything willed from his Master.

Thus, on endless platforms, upheld by pillars, rising beyond view, all around in every direction, creatures of similar stature and features peer down on you, not with hostility, but with intrigue. Suddenly, the ground quakes, horns of goats blast with the volume of ocean vessels. And in a moment, the host of terrifying heavenly creatures bow down--and they tremble, not in a slavish way. They tremble as a boy does before his hero. They tremble as you may in a moment of salvation, knowing your fate was gracefully secured by means beyond yourself.

The King of all Eternity appears, Jehovah, the GREAT I AM, the Almighty God, the Beginning and End, the Alpha and Omega. And at the sight of his feet, which is all you now manage to behold, you fall down in sheer humility and awe-filled spirit to proclaim, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God, ALMIGHTY!" Then the hosts of heaven break out in song. The sound is that of millions singing in perfect unison, in perfect harmony, with perfect diction, with loud shouts of pure exuberance and exhilaration.

This is the beginning. Now an eternity lies ahead of grander and grander sights and wonders. Blessed are those who attain to that day and that hour.

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