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  • Daniel Mayfield

A Dream that Left Me Wanting

I faced the trouble of the day

So I laid back and went somewhere

Beyond the clouds and wistful fray

As lights went out and thinned the air

I dreamed a dream for some odd reason

And when I woke I did not find it

The autumn brought the winter season

The cold was thick and made me sit

In frost I longed for summer's warmth

In sweat I dreamt of quiet rest

The world was lost and quite deformed

And coddled in a dampened nest

But me, I know another land

Beyond the one that makes me sleep

When deep in thorns I cut my hand

And every night the shadows creep

A curse is here and now, you know

Though green and gold and beauty shine

To hide the monsters down below

So ride the rail and form a line

In darkened nights you want to sleep

But sleep you can't, it's just a dream

So rise and climb the empty heap

Bear the cross and lift the beam

I dreamed a dream so real it must be

A city lit by just a Man

Achieving hope, eternally

I saw, and leapt, and to Him ran

- Daniel Albert Mayfield, June 5 2018

© Finding Canaan. All rights reserved. "Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, declares the Lord, who steal my words from one another" -- Jeremiah 23:30

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