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  • Daniel Mayfield

Between Hard Wood and Iron

It's purpose was torture, a wrathful infliction

Destroying the body, the cruelest affliction

For ages its victims were guilty deserving

For deeds done in darkness, they evil were serving

Yet happened in time past when under confusion

The weapon its power was truly abusing

A victim it held between hard wood and iron

The useful of weapons had become a tyrant

Spilled blood, perfection, nobility splattered

Both guilty and innocent all alike scattered

The irony — Creator is killed by creation

By iron and wood and God's chosen nation

Perplexing the skeptic and gracing the humble

But blinding the foolish, who by this will stumble

Only the blood of an innocent man

Cleans and revives what no other can

Oh Savior, My God, I fall down before thee!

My God, why have you punished Him for me?

--Daniel Mayfield

© Finding Canaan. All rights reserved. "Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, declares the Lord, who steal my words from one another" -- Jeremiah 23:30

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